Nigel Ticknor - Software Engineer

Nigel Ticknor

Senior Software Engineer | Bachelors in Computer Science

I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and work experience in back-end systems, web development, and technical support. Some of my recent projects include a WiFi-enabled coffee maker, a web-based multiplayer card game, and a system to unlock my dorm room door with my student ID or phone. I just returned from studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan.

Web technologies I have experience with include ExpressJS, PHP, and CakePHP, as well as MySQL, MariaDB, and MSSQL. I also recently dabbled in React to create my online resume. I can set up and configure IIS, Apache, and NGINX on a Windows or Linux server.

Although my work experience and personal projects are heavily web-based, I am more interested in other back-end development, as well as DevOps/automation. I am also very interested in the Internet of Things.

Please reach out to me at any of the above links!